Blacklisted Online Casino Sites You Should Avoid

blog post - Blacklisted Casino Sites_ Online Casinos You Should Avoid

As the list of the most trusted online casino sites expands, the list of blacklisted online casino sites you should avoid also multiplies. There are a lot of factors that qualify each casino site in the blacklist. Most of these factors involve unprotected and unfair payment transactions and lousy customer service. Here are some of the online casino sites that made it to our blacklist.

There are hundreds of blacklisted online casino sites you should avoid in the plethora of available gambling sites online. Although online gambling is mostly for entertainment, issues of safety and security are not inescapable. There is an increasing number of fraudulent activities and crimes involving and revolve around online casinos and casinos in general. This number should be enough to take safety and security matters to be taken seriously in any engagement with online gambling sites.


  • Staybet

blacklisted online casino staybet

Staybet is just a new addition to the online casino industry. With just a few years in the industry, this blacklisted online casino has already received multiple complaints on payment of player winnings and long payout processes. Customers also complain about its very unresponsive customer service.


  • Betfair

blacklisted online casino betfair

A widespread issue that involved Betfair casino is its non-payment of its Happy Hour promotion. Just like any other promotion, players took advantage of the earnings they can get from this promotion. Unfortunately, it became an issue that this promotion was a mistake on the casino’s end. Given the case, Betfair still did not honor the players’ winnings, confiscating them, and refusing to make the payments.


  • “Affpower” Blacklisted Online Casino Sites

blacklisted online casino affpower

Affpower also has a long list of issues raised by its customers. It uses unethical marketing practices, including hacking of famous blogs to put their advertisements. It also has problems with slow payment processes and illegal game licenses for software issues.



vegas casino was also known to have software license issues. The casino site offers unlicensed games to its players.

Fake licenses are unfair for the game developer industry and are also a breach of safety and security.

Developers provide their games under strict provisions of fair gameplay policies. The absence of licenses may only mean unprotected and unfair games for players.


  • “BetVoyager” Blacklisted Online Casino Sites

 bet voyager

Probably the worst thing a casino might do to remain superior in the industry, BetVoyager offered payments for its players to scam other casino related sites. This casino encouraged their customers to spam sites in as a condition to exchange of payment for their winnings.

Many other online casino sites have dozens of issues. Although indeed, there is not a perfect site, outright disregard of its customers’ security and welfare is never acceptable. There are many factors you should consider when trusting an online casino site. If not, look at our blacklisted online casino sites’ factors to assess if your favorite online casino also shows these red flags.

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