Craziest Gambling Scandals and Betting History

blog post - Craziest Scandals in the Gambling and Betting History

Although the gambling Scandals and betting industry operates in rigorous safety and security standards, it is still not exempted from issues and scandals. Over the years, the casino industry has experienced massive growth and an extensive expansion to the online world. But amid many changes, it has remained a focal point of both entertainment and impropriety. News about the industry still floods with issues about fraudulent and illegal activities involving both management and customers. Some gambling issues are big enough to perpetually ban some casinos or players in the industry, having to face multiple charges.

With the extension of the industry online, more of these activities can also escalate. There are tons of unbelievable gambling and betting scandals that rocked casino industries all over the world. Some of them are just hilarious acts, but there are also almost beautifully and intelligently orchestrated ones. Here are the craziest scandals in the gambling and betting history compiled by our team.


  • Bellagio Craps Dealer and Friends in a Dice Roll Magic

Gambling Scandals dice rolls

In 2016, a Bellagio craps dealer, together with two friends, bagged more than 1 million dollars from scamming the casino through craps tables. The group would join a crap table staffed by the dealer and place high bets on specific number combinations.

According to staff, they would be “mumbling hop-bets”, and dealers would just mindlessly payout without being sure of what the players said. It took the officials two years and over 70 games before they suspected this one in billions of odds luck. The group was sentenced and charged for at least four years in the Nevada State Prison.


  • An Insider Cheating on Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker Websites

Gambling Scandals poker

This specific scandal shouted a warning to the safety of the online casino world. It was in 2007 when players of the popular video poker game Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker harbor suspicions about novice competitors and their wins. Through careful personal investigations, these players recreated and revealed in public the suspicious players’ hands.

This revelation probed the website owner to admit that one of its employees was breaching into the software to see all cards to be played. This 20-million-dollar cheating scandal became a hot news topic of CBS’ Steve Kroft and Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist of Washington Post Gil Gaul.


  • Chicago White Sox Match-Fixing Gambling Scandals

Gambling Scandals

The sports industry has also always been a favorite of the gambling community– placing high amounts of bets on top teams. In 1919, the Chicago White Sox was a prominent team, going ahead with many baseball industry teams.

Thousands of fans, including those in the gambling market, were surprised when they lose straight-eight games with their then challenger, Cincinnati Reds.

The match-mixing unraveled when its pitcher confessed that eight of its members conspired to lose the finals to gain a hefty profit. These eight members did not receive charges, but the whole team was perpetually blocked from the field, missing the chance to be put in the Hall of Fame.

Gambling scandals are not new to the casino industry anymore. Each site has probably already had their own stories on fraud issues, from cheating on spins to swindling bags of casino money. Even the most trusted casino sites with top-notch safety and security standards cannot exempt from these issues. As a responsible gambler, it is one’s duty to always stay vigilant, careful, and wise in being involved in any casino to ensure safe gambling.

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