Golden tiger


Spin the Golden Tiger online slot machine and get an old-school, traditional Asian-inspired 3-reel slot featuring old-time mechanical animated figures spinning around on revolving reels. Win double for maximum credits and reap the benefits of multi-line multipliers and stacked icons in the Golden Tiger Slot Game. Play the Golden Tiger slot now at the top casinos and win up to ten thousand jackpots. There's no time like the present to try this fun slot game!

The Golden Tiger is one of many popular casino slot games that pays generous odds on reels. The bright orange and yellow coins of the slot's Payout window attract lots of and many are tempted to hit the green tiger icon to pay full points. Payouts are at various points on each reel and may differ from machine to machine. When you hit a green tiger, the icon's shift to the appropriate number on the reels, and you have won a prize. Most machines will pay well more than twenty times your initial cash deposit for regular jackpot progressive payouts but be wary of those offering triple, quadruple, or even quadruple your bet!

Bonuses and payment options vary from machine to machine. Some will match your deposit amount up to a certain amount. Others will match your deposits up to a set number of coins after you have hit a certain dollar amount. On the other hand, some casinos will match all your deposits, up to a pre-determined maximum, up to a specific dollar amount. Be sure to check both the minimum and maximum wagering requirements before playing!

One feature of Golden Tiger slot machine that makes it different from other casino games is the unique wagering requirements. You do not get the normal bonus at the start of the game, nor will you get to start playing until you hit a certain dollar amount. You have to complete your initial setup with at least five cards and three coins in order to start playing. If you don't, you will lose your bonus and forfeit your winnings. This means that you must be sure to do your homework and set aside a little extra just in case you want to try for that elusive golden tiger slot machine jackpot!

The progressive slot machine is a little different. Unlike the usual progressive style of slot games, where reels run across a nine line of the screen, the progressive slots run across two different reels. Two coins are placed on the second reel, and you have to match them with a red or blue symbol on the first reel before you can continue playing. You have to pay the bonus money in order to match the reels. When you finally win, you move to the next line and the jackpot is given to you.

While it is possible to win big jackpots on regular style slots when you play just once, a real money winner will have more luck with the progressive versions. These machines are programmed to spit out the winning combination the minute you stop playing. There are a number of different methods that these machines use to determine the winning symbols, including random and pattern-based probabilities. Although there is nothing mechanically wrong with these machines, some slot players feel that the odds are stacked against them with progressive, because the reels are always facing the other way.

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